Safe Sex Education – The Way Forward

Safe Sex Education - The Way Forward

In today’s world, sex education is mandatory because the prevalence of STDs is increasing day by day, but in India, most people hesitate to talk about sex or sex education. As per the situations all around, it seems compulsory to give sex education to growing adults or teenagers. So, in today’s article let’s have a healthy talk about sex education and how is it helpful in our daily life?

What is sex education?

Sex education furnishes teenagers with the skill to be healthy and prevent themselves from numerous sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies, and reproductive tract ailments. The quality or safe sex education targets the health or bodily needs of all the students’ i.e. general people, lesbians, gays, transgender, etc., and engaging family or parents in guiding their children in their teenage. Safe sex education also promotes healthy sexual development. 

In the teenage, Supplementing your children with sex education is the primary responsibility of the parents. Commonly, when there is a conversation between teens and parents, it’s not that much easy but we have to keep this awkwardness aside and proceed with a healthy conversation because parents are the first teachers and mentors

How to talk is a big question for every parent? Isn’t it? 

So let’s make it easy?

Remember the following points in mind as they will help you in communicating with your child 

  1. Guide them about good and bad touch- As in present times, rape cases are increasing at a very high speed so guide your child with the good or bad touch because if he or she already knows, then they can tell you everything easily especially if they feel anything bad.
  2. Listen to their point of view- It is very necessary to listen to what they want or not. Because, if you know their point or thinking then the ongoing conversation may be better.
  3. Summon more discussions- Invite your child or make them more comfortable by letting them know that you are glad to talk to them. If you create a cozy or pleasant environment around them, then they will get attracted more towards you and share their concerns honestly and warmly.
  4. Talk to them beyond the facts- Guide your teens honestly about sexual behavior, birth control, STDs, unplanned pregnancies, etc. This will assist them in choosing the right things and protect them from diseases. 
  5. Do strenuous discussions also- Address some difficult topics also with your child like rape cases, homosexuality, abstinence, etc? If you let them know about all these things, it will protect them from any tragedy and groom their personality.
  6. Wrong relationships- Talk to your teen regarding a healthy or unhealthy relationship as they don’t know about dating. It’s mandatory for every parent to share these facts with their child to prevent them from being victims of unhealthy relationships. 
  • Drug or Alcohol use
  • Partner restricting them from social gathering
  • Feeling of fear around partner
  • Loss of interest in regular activities as compared to previous times
  • Apprehensive bruises, lacerations, etc. 
  • Altered behavior 
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The consequences of abusive relationships are long-term and fearful as the teen tries suicidal attempts, has poor academic results and becomes unhealthy emotionally. So, it’s important to tell or guide your child about unhealthy or violent relationships rather than losing them for life. 

Right time to have Sexual intercourse – For Teens

Every teen thinks about when is he/she ready for sex or what is the right time? 

Sex is a grown-up etiquette. Don’t indulge yourself in early sexual activities due to curiosity, loneliness, or peer pressure because most adolescents do that. So, it’s okay to wait! There are several other ways to express or show your feelings and fondness such as hugs, long walks, dancing, etc. 

If you are in a relationship and your partner wants to have sex with you then what will you do? 

Don’t panic! Just think are you ready or what you want? Without knowing or having sex education, don’t prefer to indulge in sexual activities. Have proper knowledge about all the things, post-sexual consequences, last but not least your partner. Keep one thing in mind that any type of imposed or compelled sexual behavior is known as rape. Be more cautious about your partner with whom you want to indulge in sexual activities. 

Parents should influence their children by guiding them that NO always means NO. Highlight that most rape cases occur due to alcohol or drug impairment. So, be more alert and safe. 

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What if I am a gay/lesbian?

Everybody in this world is different and has different behaviors. So, if a person is bisexual or gay, then it’s totally fine. Medically, it is also about hormonal imbalances in some cases that are not artificial but are by birth and it’s natural, but in other cases, it can be the result of some emotional betrayals in relationships. Parents should make their children understand that feelings may change over time; just they have to explore their sexual attraction if it is the other case. If they don’t then it’s not a matter of fun or insult for anybody because everyone is unique and choosing someone is totally his/her personal choice. 

Some of the youth lack the acceptance of the family after knowing that they are bisexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender which is found to be the leading cause of STDs, drug abuse, and rapes. 

Parents should let their children know that they are a precious gift from God and you love them unconditionally by accepting all their flaws and qualities of them.

How sex education helps the people in grooming and improving their personality?

In the below-mentioned ways, safe sex education helps you in developing your personality and making yourself more clear about the decisions of life. 

  • Self -development by having appropriate knowledge about sexual activities, puberty, good and bad touch, etc.
  • By choosing the right partner or being in good relationships. 
  • Knowledge of Sexual health like STD’s, unplanned pregnancies, birth control methods and maintaining a healthy body and mind. 
  • Devoid of negative thoughts such as suicidal attempts
  • Good relations with family and friends 

Thus, coming to an end, I must say teenage is the most changing period of life. Various physical and emotional changes hit the mind and body. During this period of time, it is inescapable to furnish a teen/child with safe sex education as it is very much helpful and brushes your teen’s turning period out of harm and a cheerful one. 

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