Patriot Power Greens Reviews

Is Patriot Power Greens really your golden ticket to restore youthful energy, endurance and painless exercise? Find out more in your review!

But it is a well-made, comprehensive green beverage powder with an intelligent blend of seafood, terroir, fruit and berries. Do not forget probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Read this Patriot Power Greens review and decide for yourself whether this unique green drink is cut.

Patriot Power Greens review

In this case,

It is no secret that sports nutrition and health supplements market rampant with fake slimming pills, miraculous acne creams, and “little-known ancient Chinese secret solutions to solve the problem of XYZ here,” but once the blue moon has a legitimate product with Honest health benefits are on the shelves of the overall health store.

The big question for everyone is: Does Patriot Power Greens really work? Is it satisfied with all the hype?

We will put this product under the microscope, but the first is the first … Who is this product behind?

Similar to Bio X4 Probiotics Weight Management created by Nucific, the Patriot Power Consortium uses a physician formula to ensure the effectiveness of Patriot Power Greens ingredients.

Patriot Power Greens is the founder of Dr. Lane Sebring, who runs private practice in a small town in Wimberley, Texas.

According to his creatures, Sebring specializes in overall anti-aging therapies and is also board of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

What does Patriot Power Greens really do for your health?

When we do research to see if Patriot Power Greens ingredients have the potential for your health, we realize that a review is not able to cover them all. Below are some of the most important things to consider.

You may have heard of the term chronic inflammation. It is made up of a variety of things, such as diet, lifestyle and environment, and it destroys the destruction of the body and mind. It literally ages the body, making it sick. So addressing inflammation in any way you can be vital and vital to good health.

There are medications that can help with inflammation, but they can also bring a range of side effects, just replace the effects of inflammation. This is why more and more people turn to natural solutions such as diets to fight inflammation in their bodies.

At Patriot Power Greens, you get the advantage of your diet. Not trying to eat all the vegetables and fruits, reduce the body’s inflammation and promote health, you get all in one little drink. Inside you will find 38 kinds of anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables.

Drinks also digestive enzymes that are important to maintain a healthy digestive system and absorb all the nutrients needed by our bodies to fight inflammation and maintenance of all balance and health.

Moreover, the beverage had 10 probiotic strains. Probiotics are good for your digestive system and have also been shown to lower cholesterol. As a result, many people take probiotics daily for better health. The problem is that many probiotics on the market are only about 5 to 7 strains that can not help you digest foods such as fat, dairy or bread, while Patriot Power Greens.

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It is important to note that better digestion of nutrients, probiotics, digestive enzymes and reduction of inflammation will have a great impact on your cognitive ability.

We all know that memory and concentration are the two main problems of the aging population, which is catastrophic for many people. Brain health is important for happiness, for success, for fulfilling relationships, and even for good health, making Patriot Power Greens even more important.

In short, all the nutrients in the beverage will be better absorbed into the body, helping fight inflammation, which can lead to wear, forgetfulness and painful things. In addition, when you get rid of inflammation, you reduce the risk of your disease.

Is Patriot Power Greens a scam?

I always find it funny when people automatically call a scam just because it is sold on the internet. I can assure you it is not. # 1 I met the owners of the company, they have been operating for years and have a great record with the Better Business Bureau. # 2 Their products are returned by Dr. as shown above, and they get active recommendations from customers.

I myself have ordered it to try for itself to see how good it is, but also make sure you do not “stuck” the car without the way to cancel. I paid 2 months for automatic delivery, called their customer service (who answered quickly – and here in the US!) And was able to cancel without problems. Since then, I re-sort, because I like so much. Not only that, I believe so much that I started buying it was my 67-year-old dad like it. Look at the following career and see more why this is a great green supplement.

How is the taste?

I was doing a challenge for our Greens drink and tried a ton of green drinks, this one is the best tasting of the top 3. Unlike other beverages, it does not taste like grass, and actually has a unique flavor. It is more of a fruit flavor, I really like it! With some drinks, you have to add extra water, just so you can dilute the taste. Not with this. Basic green, there is a mint flavor may be the only one possible to beat the taste, but this is personal preference. PPG is the winner overall though although PLUS has all the added benefits of having a good taste, it has been shown throughout the review.


The Patriot Power Greens component consists of 10 super strains of probiotics, including B. Lactis, L. Paracasei and S. Thermophilus. This powerful combination of probiotics (far more than any other you can find on the market) is a powerful combination that promotes intestinal health and supports great digestion. It also helps your heart’s health as well as maintaining good blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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The product contains less than 1 gram of sugar and 3 grams of carbohydrates per serving, making it safe for everyone, including people with diabetes.

It does not contain caffeine, gluten, dairy products, wheat, soy or artificial sweeteners. Patriot Power Greens is also made up of organic fruits and vegetables, containing only 10 strands of probiotics, 7 digestive enzymes, and each purchase supports the US Army.

Amazingly, contrary to most other seemingly “similar” products on the market – it actually tastes great!


Well, the biggest so-called “con” is your own suspicion, Patriot Power Greens can do something for you. Of course, we are the same. But the great thing is that you do not need to take our word for it, as a pure, iron pack, 100% Money Back Guarantee is provided with the product. The official website is the only place to get it, Patriot Power Greens is not in the Amazon.

Taste and value

Ding, Ding, Ding … We have a winner. This thing tastes awesome. Type Fruity and sweet. They did not go heavy on grasses like wheat grass, the reason being pretty obvious … Patriot Power Greens’s taste is very literally … well … good!

So let’s talk about the value …

Let me down to the brass tacks … If you buy a month’s supply, you will pay more than $ 1.50 per serving. Not funny, but not the best deal.

If you buy 5 packs of Whopper Pack (5 months supply), you get 2 free bottles. This reduces the cost to a service. Honestly, if you drink green drinks every day, why do not you buy five months of supply to get a few months free?

Patriot Power Greens’s final thoughts

Listen … The fact is that the best way to get your fruit and vegetables is to buy them fresh in the local farmers’ market and eat them in their original form.

However, to maintain a sustainable diet, you eat the exact number and quality of fruits and vegetables every day is the real reality?

For most of us, the answer is a resounding “no.”

If this is easy, almost no one is faced with age-related memory loss, chronic fatigue, joint pain, disease, or modern culture of obesity …

But it is clear that this is far from the reality of the situation at hand.

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