Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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When faced with law enforcement agencies, as a rule, a person is not ready to immediately and fully defend himself without the help of a criminal law attorney.

Most people, at the time of a crime, do not think about the fact that their actions can lead to serving time. Therefore, even in the case of intentional crime, the detention becomes unexpected, causing a state of stress. Subsequent delivery to the police department increases this stress, suppresses the will to resist. At such moments, the detainee is easy to convince to give a confession of a crime that he did not commit, which often happens in practice.

That is why it is important to seek the assistance of a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

How to find a criminal lawyer? Legal help.

At first glance, the criminal lawyer does a simple job: he presents the case at the investigative actions, visits the detained defendant, and participates in the trial. But this is only the visible part of the work of a lawyer. The most difficult and time-consuming work of a lawyer is to analyze the circumstances of the case, study the position of the accused, and uphold this position at the preliminary investigation and in court.

Practice shows that in most cases the oral petitions of a lawyer are “not noticed” by the investigation and the courts. Therefore, it is important that the criminal lawyer substantiate the position of the defense in writing, namely: in the form of petitions in the criminal case, complaints about the actions of persons participating in the investigation and trial of the criminal case, statements of circumstances relevant to the investigation of the criminal case.

How well the criminal defense attorney will formulate the arguments of the defense or the prosecution (if the lawyer is on the side of the victim), how persistent he is in upholding the position of his client (the accused or the victim), the success of his work in the criminal case depends in many respects.

In order for the assistance of a lawyer to be as effective as possible, a lawyer requires a high level of qualification, extensive experience in the courts, good knowledge of judicial practice, criminal procedure legislation, and such qualities have been developed over the years.

Criminal defense. An urgent lawyer assistance

The code of criminal procedure provides for the possibility of reducing the punishment for defendants who pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the investigation and the court (surrender, pre-trial agreement, a simplified procedure for considering the case).

An experienced criminal lawyer, having studied the information on the circumstances of the crime incriminated to his client, determines the possible ways to defend the accused. The lawyer must explain to the accused what risks are associated with the choice of a particular protection method. If the accused does not agree to choose the method of defense, which, in the opinion of the lawyer, is the most optimal, for example, does not agree to admit guilt in committing a crime, the lawyer is obliged to defend the position chosen by his client.

The right to take the help of a lawyer arises from the moment when an action is taken against a person, even if this action is carried out before the initiation of a criminal case, for example: upon receipt of an explanation, inspection of a vehicle, etc. The sooner the lawyer begins to provide legal services, the more opportunities to protect the rights and interests of the principal will be at his disposal.

In order to provide immediate legal assistance in criminal matters, including as part of a pre-investigation check, a professional criminal lawyer, in any case, such as aggravated stalking, will provide an urgent visit of a lawyer to the place of investigative actions or finding a client.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that even if someone pleads guilty, it is still the job of a felony attorney to minimize the penalties given to their client. My friend has been detained recently for possessing illegal drugs and he does not plan to make any excuses out of fear of getting a worse penalty. I sure hope that this case would not result in jail time.

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