7 Characteristics That Will Make You a Great Boxer

7 Characteristics That Will Make You a Great Boxer

When you get trained for different sports it is important to set your goals & work hard to achieve them. Boxing lies among the toughest sports in the world. Working on multiple aspects of fitness & techniques makes you a perfect boxer. The desire of becoming a successful fighter in the beginning. One must follow the correct steps & develop the right attitude for being a powerful boxer. Apart from hard training, practicing with the right equipment there are some factors that you should work on for improving your boxing. 

1. Accurate punches

For being a great fighter it’s essentially important to master the skill of throwing accurate punches. Throwing punches while putting on boxing gloves is never easy. Unlike the rest of the sports — in this competition, you’ve to hit a moving target. They are not stationary. As you intend to punch your opponent, he will go for the ways of avoiding the blow. And if you miss the target, you will grant your opponent an opportunity of punching even harder. Your punching accuracy is proportional to your chance of winning. Failing to hit your target will eventually waste your energy which will provide your opponent with a perfect environment for throwing powerful blows.

2. Punching power

Punching strength is built up by muscle training. It is not entirely about lifting heavyweights in the gym or going for a certain fitness program. It’s more about accurate timing, perfect coordination & opening sensation. Your punching strength will boost your confidence & you will be able to hit your opponent with greater force. Legendary Mike Tyson is popularly known for his big hits & incredible punching power. You can easily develop this attribute with rigorous exercises & explosive training. 

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3. Footwork & head movement 

A lot of people who aren’t aware of detailed boxing techniques assume that this sport is about standing simply & throwing powerful punches. Well, it’s not entirely false, however smooth footwork is a thing any outstanding player must-have. You will have to move properly– legendary Manny Pacquiao was best in this area. It doesn’t help in avoiding your opponent’s attacks but leaves you in a place where you can mount your own. Head movement is essential for a fighter to be at the top of boxing. This makes you avoid the punches your opponent throws. Muhammed Ali is an exemplary boxing player who was equipped with incredible footwork & head movement. 

4. Defense

You must know how to defend yourself in the ring. Truly, defense skills are as important as attacking prowess. You must know the techniques of stopping your opponent from hitting your vulnerable areas. A boxer needs to know where he has to stop throwing punches & protect himself. All the pro boxers have studied their opponents for understanding how they perform in the ring. For boosting your skills, consider performing blocking punches by positioning both of your arms & body in a way that you are protecting your face & chest, till you find the accurate balance for observation & attack. 

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5. Endurance 

You can be equipped with the perfect techniques but still, lose the fight if you lack adequate endurance & fitness that is needed for performing swiftly in all the rounds. The most challenging thing for boxers is to keep on dominating over your opponent. Tiredness will lead to mistakes, even if you are highly trained and fit. That’s why sheer determination is needed & for getting it you must have a certain endurance level. You must develop the stamina that will last many rounds. 

6. Guts

The thing we can call gut can be also called courage. It is among the most underrated characteristics that will make you a perfect boxer. It takes courage to jump in the ring & fight knowing that you will get a hit. And it requires much more courage to keep on fighting with powers, discipline & decisions even after you get hurt.

7. Intelligence

Observe two skilled boxers fighting in the ring, it’s all about employing strategy & using your strength against the weakness of your opponent. This requires intelligence. You must know what your opponent is about to do while fighting in the ring. Figure out the strategies that will make you perform at a high level.

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