What Is Cannabis Budder?

What Is Cannabis Budder

Concentrates are an increasingly common method of dosing cannabis. They typically carry higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes, making them the ideal choice for recreational users. 

There are several types of cannabis concentrates available today. Here we will discuss one of the most sophisticated concentrates called budders that promise amazing effects.

What Is Budder? 

Cannabis budder is a popular form of cannabis concentrates. It falls under the concentrate waxes category due to its creamy, buttery texture. Compared to other wax concentrates, budder has the advantage of carrying an intense terpene profile. High-quality budders from sellers tend to induce an intense, aromatic, and flavorful experience.

The high concentration of terpenes conjoined with the dominant presence of THC makes it a popular choice to dose among cannabis enthusiasts. The unique, moist texture and consistency of the budder is also an appealing trait to users. For several years, concentrate users faced difficulty choosing between solid products like shatter and liquid products like oils, especially for vaping and dabbing. But the emergence of budder in the market relieved this dilemma by providing a smooth and pasty consistency that is usable through many different methods.

What Are The Characteristics Of Cannabis Budder?

So, what makes budder a special selection among the many concentrates like shatter, crumble, honeycomb? 

The name budder hails from ‘butter,’ given the final product looks and feels like it. The ability of the budder to hold the perfect level of moisture ensures a comfortable experience without dry hits. Solid concentrates like shatter tend to break off easily, making the process messy and inefficient to vape. On the other hand, oil concentrates are sticky, tend to spill, increase gunk in the device, and may not be user-friendly. The versatility of budders is such that the texture and consistency fit perfectly with any device to make the process effortless and effective. 

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In terms of potency, budder carries about 80% THC on an average that could go up to a hefty 90% in some cases. Also, compared to other concentrates, budders hold on to the highest concentrations of original terpenes from the strains. It supports the entourage effect that increases the efficiency of the impact of THC on the user. Thus, the end product carries the true characteristics of a herb in the best possible manner. It ensures a profoundly aromatic and pleasurable cannabis experience each time. 

Budder Extraction 

Industrial budder preparation requires a sophisticated setup compared to other concentrates like shatter. It also involves using flammable solvents such as butane and is therefore advisable not to try at home.

The process starts with the preparation of honey-flavored cannabis oil from raw cannabis buds. The oil then goes through refining to obtain a shatter or glass, followed by an extraction process where solvents such as butane or CO2 come to play. Butane adds a buttery, creamy consistency to the budder, whereas CO2 gives a cleaner end product.

The refined blend retains the cannabinoids(mostly THC) and terpenes, while the excess solvent evaporates during the application of heat and high air pressure. Finally, the budder extraction occurs from the blend after the crystallization of the cannabinoids.  

The end product glows in gorgeous hues of amber and is typically put down on parchment paper or non-sticky containers for storage. 

Tip: You can DIY budder at home by replacing butane or CO2 with 99% pure isopropyl alcohol. But remember that pure alcohol is also highly flammable and requires several safety precautions during the extraction process. 

Different Types Of Budder

Kush Budder – Kush Budder hails from the Kush cannabis strains known for their sedative properties. Some strains used during preparation include Hindu Kush, Purple Kush, OG Kush. 

BHO Budder – BHO Budder refers to a product prepared using butane as a solvent, which induces a smoother consistency. 

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Live Budder or Rosin Budder – Live or Rosin Budder is live resin concentrate or rosin whipped to exhibit a creamy budder-like consistency.  

Honeycomb Budder – Honeycomb Budder expresses properties of honeycomb wax and budder, both cannabis concentrates with rich terpene and cannabinoid profiles. 

Ways To Use Budder


Dabbing is the most popular means of using concentrates. It requires vaporizing the concentrates on a surface and inhaling them. You can look for petite and affordable dab rigs and quartz nails to ensure proper and even heating of the concentrates. 

Budder requires a slightly lower temperature, and therefore be careful while heating the nail to ensure you don’t end up burning the concentrate. 


Vaping is yet another common and popular means of relishing budders. The rich concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids makes the vapors delicious and potent. You can get special vaporizers designed to work with concentrates and flowers. They offer portability, and you can adjust the vaping temperature to best suit the budder to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable vape time. 


Twaxing refers to smoking concentrates in the form of a joint. You can use a dabbing tool to break the budder and sprinkle it slightly above the buds set for smoking.

Compared to the flowers, the budder burns slowly and therefore provides a longer effect. It also adds some moisture to the buds to make the hits slightly smooth. 


Cannabis budder refers to a creamy concentrate that exhibits high potency. Compared to other concentrates such a shatter, budder excels in terms of exquisite flavor, extraordinary consistency, and most important of all, purity. You can choose from the various means of utilizing the budder to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis extracts. Make sure to invest only in high-quality budders prepared with safe extraction methods to reduce risks and enhance benefits. 

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