Top 5 Industry Developments Augmenting Honey Market Growth

Augmenting Honey Market

Honey has been used as both a food and a medicine since time immemorial. This natural sweetener has wound-healing and antimicrobial properties that make it so popular across the globe. A research report by Fortune Business Insights™ states that the global honey market is set to reach USD 11.16 billion in 2027. The longer shelf life of the product, coupled with the increasing health consciousness among consumers, would affect growth positively. 

Misr University Researchers to Find Efficacy of Natural Honey for Treating COVID-19

Researchers of Misr University for Science and Technology started conducting a new study in March 2020, keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic. As no treatment option has been proved efficient in the treatment of the coronavirus, the team found that natural honey demonstrated the potential to be an alternative to antiviral drugs. At present, the clinical trial is in Phase 3. Around 1000 participants were given natural honey regularly for 14 days, either through a nasogastric tube or orally. The institute aims to study the efficacy of nectar in the treatment of patients affected by COVID-19.

Dabur India Limited Unveils Dabur Organic Honey Following Adulteration Controversy

As per a recent study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), 77% of samples taken from influential Indian brands failed purity tests for sugar syrup adulteration. The controversy compelled Dabur India Limited to introduce Dabur Organic Honey in partnership with Amazon India in February 2021. It claims to be completely unpasteurized and unprocessed. 

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Prashant Agarwal, Marketing Head of Dabur, stated, “As consumers’ focus on natural and organic products is rising, our new launch will help them cater to their needs. The product has undergone filtration only for the purpose of removing impurities.”

A Perfect Solution to Cure Sore Throat: Honibe Launches HoneyPops™ Lollipops for Kids 

In February 2021, Honibe, a renowned brand of Island Abbey Foods Ltd., unveiled its first up to 99% pure honey lollipop named HoneyPops™ for kids. It will help to naturally soothe sore throats. The product contains natural color & flavor, menthol, and Canadian honey. It has no added sugar and is available in kid-friendly flavors, such as natural honey, lemon, strawberry, and cherry. The company utilized a novel technology that turns nectar into a solid form. It is scientifically proven to retain immune-stimulating benefits, prebiotics, and natural antioxidants. The new product will enable parents to opt for a healthy and natural option for their kids to heal a sore throat.

Rowse Honey Makes its Way towards Chocolate Spreads in the U.K.

Valeo Foods, a renowned provider of food, beverages, and professional ingredients based in Ireland, announced that its brand, Rowse Honey Ltd., launched ChocoBee in the U.K. in February 2021. It is a spread made up of sustainable cocoa and sweetener. The company aims to cater to the demand from coeliacs and vegetarians through this launch. It can be used to make a tasty drink by adding in milk, as well as can be stirred into porridges. 

A Delicious Campaign: Donut Papi & Waimete Honey Co. Present ‘Save the Bees’ Doughnuts

In January 2021, Donut Papi, a handmade gourmet doughnut maker headquartered in Australia, joined hands with Waimete Honey Co., a New Zealand-based honey company, to introduce ‘Save the Bees’ doughnuts. Both companies aim to support bee conservation by making doughnuts featuring a mini honey bee-shaped cake, pure honey bullseye, white chocolate honeycomb shard, and citrus, white chocolate glaze. Egmont Honey, the parent company of Waimete, will encourage people to adopt ethical beekeeping practices through this campaign. 

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Marico to Expand its Packaged & Healthy Food Portfolio through Saffola Honey

Marico Ltd. announced its plan to record around ₹100 crores in terms of revenue from its packaged honey by next year. The company will do so through its Saffola brand, as it mentioned, to benefit from the recent claims revolving around the purity of its product. At the same time, it would reinforce its efforts to broaden its healthy and packaged food offerings. Its sweetener has cleared the purity test conducted by CSE. 

A Futuristic View: Government Initiatives and Rising Cases of Diabetes to Help the Industry Grow Immensely

When we think of alleviating poverty, bees are probably not the very first idea that pops up in our minds. Yet, these tiny insects are creating a buzz by aiding hundreds and thousands of rural farmers across the globe. Honey Care Africa, a promoter of sustainable community-based beekeeping, for instance, recently developed ‘Business in a Beehive,’ an innovative model to enable low-income farmers to earn more by producing honey. The package delivers everything farmers require to start production- hive maintenance, equipment, training, and a beehive. Such initiatives by private and government organizations are likely to help the industry flourish in the near future. 

Furthermore, the rising prevalence of diabetes worldwide would surge the demand for organic and alternative sugar products. According to a study published by Diabetes Research and Clinical Practices, by 2030, the global diabetes incidence is projected to reach 578 million from 463 million in 2019. Overall, the industry will exhibit astonishing growth in the upcoming years.

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