5 Ways to Treat Your Back Pain Naturally and Easily

Treat Your Back Pain Naturally and Easily

As much as I would consider myself to be a physically fit person, I have been experiencing sharp and prolonged pain within my lower back that usually worsens by resting on the bed, just lying down, and unwinding after a hard day at work. I am in my late 20’s, so I would like to rule out the possibility of old age affecting my back. However, it can be long hours at the work desk slaving away in front of a machine we call a laptop with absolutely no workout regime to keep myself fit and healthy.

If you are reading this, then I am assuming you, too, are experiencing that lower back pain that leaves you unable to focus and complete your tasks with bouts of embarrassment when you have to provide your back pain as a reason for the delayed work? I completely understand. Been there and done that. Yes, past tense because I tweaked my lifestyle here and there to see whether that affects my back positively; lo and behold, it did.

So, you too can make these small changes and bid that bugger a farewell. Unless, of course, you are a bit of a procrastinator on healthcare like me, then you may struggle at the start. However, worry not, relax, and just read away a few things that made a difference.

Effective Ways to Remedy Your Back Pain

First thing first, exercise your body.

Exercise those Muscles

Sitting in similar positions for more extended periods adds to muscle tension and stiffness, leading to pain. This is why a great daily routine that includes a nice workout will add tremendous health to your body, mind, and overall well-being. Take it from someone that didn’t move a muscle except when they had to get coffee. With a good stretch, warm-up, and basic workout, I have started to feel energized with my back pain considerably low.

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Do keep in mind that not every other exercise is excellent in combating back pain, but some do the job well. For me, it has been regular skipping, crunches, and squats. I majorly focused on strengthening my core and build-up my muscles.

Don’t jump the gun and start slow but give importance to daily exercise, even for just 10 minutes.

Ginger Green Tea

I couldn’t get accustomed to the taste of the green tea at all. But after a colleague of mine introduced the ginger-green tea, the game changed for me. It is a herbal blend that works great for any pains and aches, including your back pain. You can even add lemon and honey according to your liking. The best thing is that you are taking something completely natural to treat your worst aches with zero side effects. So, I would highly recommend you replace your regular caffeine with this bad boy. If you think this is asking too much, then at least add one mug of this after your lunch, and you will feel healthier and less in pain.

Correct Your Sleep Cycle and Mattress

Work on your sleep schedule and opt for a better mattress. I went for the recommended memory foam mattress, and wow, I didn’t know little tweaks like these would help me this much. Make sure your bed isn’t too soft on and curved inwards from the side you sleep on. Once your mattress bit is sorted, you move on to your sleep cycle. Remember, much of the back pain could be because of the stress and lack of sleep you are gracing yourself with.

Life sciences consulting firms recommend that hospitals and other healthcare clients enforce natural lifestyle improving remedies to their patients and then move on to the prescribed medicine when needed.

Change Your Diet

You need to understand that you are a human being with a high level of interconnected system; if one fails to perform or is under stress, then many others will also feel the consequences. Apply this fact to your back pain, having a connection with poor eating habits. If you are taking a high sugar diet and are fatty, you are not providing much nourishment to your body, which contributes a lot to obesity and back pains.

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Now, if you were to ask me what you should start including in your food, then all things healthy can be narrowed down to olive oil, nuts, tuna, salmon, carrots, and greens of your choice. What you can avoid is sugar, white bread, oily food, and processed foods. Switch to whole grains, peas, corn, and all that jazz.

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

I thought I’ll add something on a personal level. Believe it or not, what you feed your mind is also important. Be very careful about harboring any negative thoughts and repetitive, obsessive thinking patterns. Often, we are placing so much stress on our minds that it shows on our body in the form of exhaustion, muscle tension, and back pain—even mine.

It took me a while to notice my toxicity and mental stress and lack of relaxation that added much to my deteriorating physical health. This is why I will also suggest the same. Too much work for simple back pain? Then consider the could-be chronic back pain as the motivator to do a much bigger job; it is time to sort everything out in order to live a healthier life with a sound mind and body.

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