Discover Your Skin Type and Select Best Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It weathers the hot, the cold, the wind, the sand, and the dirt. Wherever we go, and whatever we do, our skin is with us through it all. That’s why it’s important to take care of it. In this article, we’ll go over the best skincare routine for all skin types.

Know Your Skin Type

The first step to healthy, glowing skin is understanding your skin type. Once you know what your skin type is, you can choose the right skincare routine for you, which is all part of mindfulness for healthy skin.

types of skin

Normal Skin Type

While everyone’s skin is different, the “normal skin type” tends to refer to well-balanced skin. This means that you might find a small amount of oiliness along your forehead, nose, and chin (also called your T-zone), but overall, the skin should be soft and smooth with fine pores and good blood circulation.

Oily Skin 

Oily skin is skin that produces too much sebum. If your sebaceous glands are overactive, this could lead to the sebum mixed with sweat clogging your pores. People with oily skin will have faces that are shiny or greasy-looking. The parts of your face that have more oil, like your T-zone, will have blackheads or acne. Your pores will also be much more visible.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is when your sebaceous glands don’t produce enough sebum. You’ll find dryness more around the eyes, on the lips, and cheeks. Your skin might feel very tight or rough, and it might look scaly. Dry skin can be uncomfortable or even painful, and it might worsen in the winter.

Combination Skin

As the name implies, combination skin is when you have different skin types on different parts of your face. Many people have combination skin. Your skin might be dry around your cheeks and very oily on your T-zone. What this means is that different parts of your face will require different types of care.

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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is usually caused by skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis. This is skin that is easily irritated, and you might experience burning or stinging with many products if you have sensitive skin. With this skin type, it’s important to use beauty and skin products that are gentle on the skin.

The Best Skincare Routine for All Skin Types

When it comes to your routine, you’ll want to choose the right products for you. Plexaderm offers a line of anti-aging products, from cleansers to serums. Their products will keep your skin looking young and firm.


The first step to your cleanse is choosing the right product for your skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you’ll want to purchase a cream cleanser. Cream cleansers don’t foam, which means they’ll be easier on your skin. Most cream cleansers also have a lot of hydrating compounds, which will be beneficial.

If you have oily skin, you’ll want to pick a gel cleanser. These cleansers will go deep, and because they’ll foam unlike cream cleansers, they’ll also help you get rid of oily skin.

About once a week, you’ll want to do a deep cleanse. This might involve steaming your skin or applying a face mask. A deep cleanse will help exfoliate your skin, which will lead to bright-looking skin.


Once you’re finished cleansing, you’ll want to finish it up with a toner. Toners will get rid of any last bits of grime or makeup that are stuck in your pores. They will also help close up your pores, making them less visible.

When choosing your toner, look for one that is moisturizing, and that also has compounds for soothing skin, like chamomile. Tea tree oil in your toner will help get rid of excess oil and bacteria on your skin. If you’re prone to redness on your face, look for a toner that has aloe vera, which will help diminish inflammation and redness.


A serum is a product you put on your skin that has a higher level of active ingredients than your regular moisturizer. You’ll use a serum to target specific concerns you have about your skin, like signs of aging and wrinkling. For example, the neck firming serum from Plexaderm.

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To find the right serum for your skin, think about your skin type. If you tend to have frequent acne breakouts, look for a serum that has salicylic acid to unclog your pores, as well as a good dose of vitamin C. For dry skin, you’ll want to find a serum with vitamin E for hydration and reducing inflammation.


A moisturizer provides a protective layer on top of your skin that also holds in moisture. When it comes to choosing the best moisturizer for you, if you have oily or normal skin, you’ll want a water-based moisturizer. It will make your face soft while helping you get rid of oily skin.

If you have dry skin, an oil-based moisturizer might be necessary. This will help your skin pull in and retain moisture.

For sensitive skin, choose a moisturizer with lots of soothing ingredients, like chamomile. Try to find a fragrance-free product, as fragrances can irritate the skin. You should also avoid products that contain acids, as this might be too harsh for your sensitive skin.

Sun Protection

No matter where you live in the world or what time of year it is, it’s important to protect your skin from damaging UV rays. Look for mineral sunscreens without any harsh chemicals. And remember that your sunscreen should be used in addition to hats and other methods of sun protection.


Our skin does so much for us. It protects us from hot and cold, as well as bacteria and germs. It’s important that in return, we take good care of it. So, practice mindfulness for healthy skin by understanding your skin type and following a daily skincare routine to eliminate grimes, get rid of oily skin, and maintain skin health. Your skin will thank you!

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