Plyometric Exercises for BJJ and Combat Sports

Plyometric Exercises for BJJ and Combat Sports

Explosive training & power-based workouts are essential for an MMA fighter. Most of the fundamental MMA moves require the explosive component for being effective. Have you ever seen a fighter throwing an elbow or his knee slowly? Certainly not as speed is the vital Jiu-Jitsu. If you are a BJJ practitioner you must be familiar with plyometric exercises. Plyometric exercises are those explosive movements that develop muscular power. They develop explosive strength using your natural dynamic moves. Combat sport athletes who perform plyometric workouts usually do better & tend to be more explosive during their fights. 

1) Barbell Jump Squats 

It is an advanced exercise that should be done after you do bodyweight jump squats efficiently to develop lower body strength. It is an explosive workout that develops strength, speed & stamina for BJJ Gi strikers & kickers. It begins with holding a barbell at the back of your shoulders, the same as the Barbell Back Squat. Place your foot at hip-width apart. Then tighten your chest while pulling both of your shoulders back. From that position, move to a half or quarter squat. Do it by pushing your hips back. Stay in a squat position and explode up & try to jump from the ground as high as you can. Then land on your flat feet with your hips pushed back so your hamstrings can absorb all the impact. It is important to do them explosively.  Or it will defeat the main purpose of doing the exercise. However, it is also important that you keep the barbell in a fixed position on your back throughout the exercise.

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2) Clap Push Up

It is a plyometric workout that is designed for developing explosive strength for BJJ and other combat sports. Start this workout in the standard push-up position. Then get into an arm-supported posture in a way that both of your hands are positioned underneath your shoulders. Engage your core muscles & lower back after tensing your abdominal region. Put pressure on your toes or feet balls for maintaining a balance through the exercise. Then keep on lowering yourself till your chest is just a step away from touching the floor. From that position initiate the pushup. Make sure you keep your body’s force consistent throughout the push-up. Then let both of your hands leave the ground. The moment your arms are fully extended, pull up your hands from the floor. Timing plays a crucial role in this part. Then clap quickly clap & reposition both of your hands. Make sure you use your full range of motion. 

3) Tuck Jumps

Start this workout by standing on your feet hip-width apart. Then drop yourself into a quarter or half-squat position and explode in the air. Make sure you straighten your back throughout, & tuck both of your knees up while moving towards the chest before you landing softly. As you land you take a pause before you jump again, once your body gets adapted to the movement, Do another tuck jump. Make sure you do not lean in towards both of your knees but bring them up closer to your chest. Consider swinging your arms for increasing the momentum. Aim for jumping higher & pull your knees closer towards your chest as you gain experience with this exercise.

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4) Med Ball Throws

Medicine balls throw help in developing upper-body strength, elasticity & power by multiple passes & throws. Throwing a medicine ball in back & forth motion with your partner is more like a fun and productive activity. You can also perform this workout against a solid wall. First, select an appropriate medicine ball. The ball must be made up of material that is easy to grip & provide cushioning up to some degrees. Do this exercise by standing straight & holding the medicine ball at the front at your waist height. Descend into a squat position. Keep your torso upright, your arms extended & ball at your front for generating additional force. Then Extend vertically by your knees & hips, accelerate your body upward same as a squat jump & maintain an extended arm position through the jump. While you reach the top of your squat, pull the ball with power along your body and throw from a maximum height. Make sure you do not hit yourself with the medicine ball doesn’t as you come down. 

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