How Can I Lose My Face Fat?

How Can I Lose My Face Fat

Losing your body fat is a challenge itself but losing fat from a particular area in your body is much more. Unwanted fat in your body and face can be frustrating. Everybody carries & stores fat in various ways. Fat loss from your body always results in a slim face. A lot of other factors contribute to the fuller-looking face i.e. your hormones, thyroid issues. There are a few things that you can do, for reducing the puffiness of your face.

1) Do Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are the most effective way of cutting down your face fat. They improve your facial appearance, reduce the effects of aging, & strengthen your muscles. Facial exercises tone your face muscles that make it look slimmer. Popular facial exercises are puffing out the cheeks while pushing the trapped air from a side to the other, aided by lips puckering on alternating sides. Another exercise is stretching a smile across your face with clenched teeth. A study revealed that doing facial exercises two times a day for up to 8 weeks boosts muscle thickness with enhanced facial rejuvenation.

2) Stay Hydrated 

Drink eight glasses of water every day! Studies show a strong correlation between consuming more water & shedding pounds. Consider drinking a glass of plain water before you reach your snack, surprisingly most people confuse thirst for hunger. Eating when you actually need to be hydrated, leads to unnecessary calorie consumption. Drinking water before your meals also makes you eat fewer calories. Drinking water also bloats the puffiness of your face, as it decreases fluid retention. Proper hydration also aids lipolysis. It is a process that occurs when your body undergoes breaking fat stocks into fatty acids and uses them as energy fuel. Making use of stored fat is the key to weight loss. And it also improves your overall health. 

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3) Set up a cardio Routine

Additional face fat is actually the product of excess fat in your body. Losing overall fat can also help in slimming down your face. Cardio workouts are among the effective ways of losing weight. They promote fat burning in your body while improving your overall health. After putting on your workout clothes, consider doing a moderate to vigorous workout for 150–300 per week. Common cardio exercises are jogging, dancing, biking, & swimming.

4) Limit your Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is the inflammatory substance, containing sugary ingredients & carbonation. It often leads to gas bloating, fluid retention, & inflammation. That result is a swollen face. Enjoying an occasional wine glass with dinner is okay, but over boarding the alcohol intake is among the biggest contributors of facial fat & bloating. Alcohol has rich calorie content with lesser nutrients that is associated with weight gain. Make sure you keep a check on your alcohol consumption. Moderate drinking is taking up to 3 drinks a day for men & one for women

5) Eating a healthier diet

A meal with low processed foods content & refined flour such as white bread & pasta is healthier. Consider eating fresh vegetables & fruits, foods that have fibers, fish, & protein-rich. Do not take food with a high salt ratio. Salt promotes water retention in your body. Which leads to face bloating. Sugar also contributes to a fatter face. Processed carbs that are high in sugar also cause face bloating. 

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6) Try Creative options for face Slimming.

There are a lot of creative ideas that lead to the slimmer face such as blowing balloons and hot towel treatments. Blowing balloons can tone your cheeks as it is muscle exercise. Blow the balloon & release it. Do it 10 times. You will begin to see the difference in 5 days. Put hot towels on the face as steam reduces the cheek fat. Consider chewing sugar-free gum for up to 20 minutes two times a day. They also work as a facial exercise that burns down the calories & tones the face. Try a facial massage for stimulating blood circulation in your face. 

7) Get Proper Sleep 

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is essential for your weight loss plan. It also reduces facial puffiness. Sleep deprivation leads to an increase of cortisol and stress hormone that has other side effects. High cortisol also increases appetite & affects metabolism, which increases fat storage. Studies also show that better sleep is associated with weight maintenance. Aim for eight hours of healthy sleep every night.

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