Effective Workouts for Your Quad Growth

Effective Workouts for Your Quad Growth

No matter if your goal in your gym is improving your athletic performance, boosting strength, or getting the best of your looks, a set of big and strong quads is what you should have. Your quad plays a major big role in doing everyday activities. In Fact, your quads are among those things people see as you walk towards them. Strengthening your quads can help in reducing stress on both of your knees while improving your kneecaps stability. These workouts improve your athletic performance as well. There are various heavy-dose compound exercises that help in growing quads. Here is a list of those who perform these workouts after getting in your workout shorts

Benefits of Quad Workouts

Your quadriceps consist of 4 muscles. Those four make up your quads. 

Rectus femoris: These muscles start from the pelvic bone and extend to your kneecap & it’s the main muscle which helps in flexing your hip.

Vastus lateralis: These muscles are the largest of your quad muscles, they stretch down outside of the thighs. Vastus Lateralis connects the thigh bone to the kneecap.

Vastus medialis: These muscles are located at the front side of your thighs and are used for extending your knee & stabilizing your kneecap.

Vastus intermedius: They are located at the front side of your thighs, in your vastus muscles, these muscles also extend to your knee.

Quad-strengthening workouts help is easier stretching your knee & hip flexion. Building your quads may help in improving the stability of the kneecap, prevents knee joint injury, improve your athletic ability and also improve your balance & stability while making everyday movements easy.

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Effective Quads Exercises 

1) Barbell Front squat

Proper grip & elbow placement are necessary for safety purposes. Start this workout by stepping up to a rack & resting the bar on your upper chest. The bar should be placed close to the neck, but not touch it. Place your hands shoulder-width apart under & around the bar, so your elbows lift up forward, & away from your body.  Then puff up the pectoral region for relieving pressure from the fingers. Your chest muscles should supposedly support the bar while your fingers prevent the bar from rolling. Then unrack the bar. Start performing the squat with your whole weight descending between your knees. Keep your spine long & your back tall & upright. Continue to lower your body below your knee level. Till your knees extend out at front & your ankles flex more. Get into the lowest position where your hamstrings nearly touch the back of your calves. Reverse the motion slowly and in a controlled manner for going back to starting position. Consider doing 4 sets of 6 to 8. Take 2 min rest between reps. 

2) Walking Lunge

It’s a very simple workout that helps in leg growth & core strengthening. Walking lunge targets your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core. After wearing your workout shorts start doing this workout by standing tall on your feet placed shoulder-width apart on the floor. Place both of your hands on the hips. Take a step forward with your foot & sink down till your knee’s front is bent at an angle of 90 degrees & the back shin is parallel with the ground. Consider taking a break for a moment before you take a lunging step with the opposite foot. Continue to alternate the sides as you lunge.

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3) Step-up

It is a great workout that stabilizes your knees. Step-ups work on your quads, hips, calves, core, and hamstrings. Perform this workout by stepping on a box, or a solid surface that is knee-high. Put your one foot on that object & step up, aim to keep your knee and ankle aligned, and do not let it collapse inward. As you step-up, keep focusing on driving by your heel by keeping a straight and tall posture as you start pushing the opposite knee upward till it reaches the height of your hip. After that take a step back down & step up again with the opposite foot. Keep on switching sides in a set. Check the object you are stepping on is solid & can’t slip or move out while you work out.

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