Top Benefits of Doing Squats and Their Variations

Top Benefits of Doing Squats and Their Variations

Squats are an amazing whole-body workout. This dynamic strength training workout engages several muscles of your upper & lower body, to work simultaneously together. Fitness experts recommend doing squats every day. The obvious benefit of doing squats is that they strengthen and build up your leg muscles, quads, hamstrings, & calves. Squats activate your glutes & back muscles as well. These muscles help you in your everyday activities such as walking, climbing stairs, jogging, or carrying loads. Moreover, they help in performing athletic activities. There are multiple variations that you can do once your body adapts to a certain type.  It is the most loved muscle-building exercise for a lot of people. 

What Muscles do Squats Engage?

Squats are the workout that really has the ability to challenge most of the muscle groups in your body. Its most targets are lower body muscles, this compound workout engages multiple muscles till the level of your waist. Lower body muscles that are targeted while performing squats are 

  • Gluteus 
  • Quadriceps
  • Hip flexors
  • Hamstrings 
  • Adductor
  • Calves

It targets your body’s core too including your rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, obliques, & erector spinae.

Benefits of doing Squats

Before you put on your workout clothes, and start doing squats here are the major benefits of doing them. 

Help in Building Muscles: Squats just don’t only help in achieving wonderfully toned legs muscles but body-wide toned muscles. Not a Lot of exercises target so many muscles at the same time they are also an amazing way of shedding fat. 

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Burn Calories Fast: Squats are an efficient way of burning calories they get you in a slimmer physique within weeks. Intensified variation of squats i.e. Adding weights will burn calories even faster. The anabolic environment squats create keep your metabolism high & burn body fat.

Improves your Flexibility: Improves your body’s flexibility as it is a well-rounded workout. Squatting regularly will make your muscle fibers flexible and get stiffer with time. As it includes the bending & stretching moves.

Improve your Mobility & Balance: Strong legs get you mobile that is where squats come to help with that too. Now they help in gaining leg strength, but work out your core and stabilize your muscles. They help you in maintaining balance, improves the communication among your brain and muscle groups. 

Strengthen Your Lungs & Heart: Squats help strengthen your cardiac muscles & improve your lung functionality especially if you add weights.

Prevent Injuries: Strengthening the muscles of the lower body, enables you to execute your physical activities in the correct manner.  Squats strengthen the tendons, bones & ligaments. Which eventually reduces the risk of injuries.

Variations will help with motivation: After mastering the basic squat, here different variations of squats that you can do. Challenging up the squats you have been practicing can make your exercise routine interesting, and also engage different groups of muscles.

Squat Variations 

Here are some variations of squats variation that will improve your athletic performance and overall fitness. 

Wall Squat

After wearing your athletic gym workout shirt, stand straight by positioning your back against the wall & step your feet around 12 inches away from the wall. After bending both of your knees, go into the squat position but keep your back stuck to that wall throughout. Stop the downward squat motion when the thighs are parallel to the floor and start back after going up.

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Pistol squat

Put on your athletic gym workout shirt and stand on your feet by putting them together and stretch both your arms out in front. Then lift up one leg from the ground at your front while squatting down on the other leg, keep on going down till your leg becomes parallel to the ground. Stand up & repeat for the other side.

Plié squat

Stand on your feet by placing them shoulder-width apart, & your toes pointed outwards. Then bend both of your knees, & drop down till your thighs become parallel to the floor. Make sure you keep your chest tightened throughout. Use your heels for pushing yourself up. 

Squat with knee drive

Go down as in a basic squat. While driving yourself up, keep the right knee up as high as you can. Go down back immediately performing the basic squat, by pushing yourself up but using your left knee.

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