Red Meat And White Meat: How Do They Differ?

Red Meat And White Meat How Do They Differ

Meat is high in protein and represents a good source for human consumption. For many people, a meal is incomplete without protein. Meat contains certain nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Most people do not know or care about the differences between the types of meat.

However, it is essential to understand the different types of meat, as well as the major upsides and disadvantages of consuming them. To lend you a hand, this guide will provide a deep insight into red meat and white meat, as well as how they differ.

Red Meat

Red meat is an animal protein, which is derived from mammals. Pork and Beef are popular examples of red meat. When it is raw, the color of the meat is red. This is due to the presence of myoglobin, a blood protein. When cooked, they assume a dark brown or deeper red color.

Consumption of red meat in moderation can also play a role in achieving a healthy diet. While red meat has a high amount of saturated fats, it also contains fatty acids, essential proteins, and vitamins. On the other hand, when consumed in excess, there could be an increased risk of developing many health-related issues.

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White Meat

White meat is any meat that is colored and derived from poultry. White meat also contains myoglobin, but in less quantity than red meat. Sources of white meat are chicken, turkey, and duck, among other types of poultry.

White meat is considered to have less of the health concerns that red meat does. As a result, many people see it as a replacement for red meat. White meat is known to prevent bone loss, as well as promote good heart health. Besides these, white meat contains certain nutrients, including Riboflavin and Vitamin B6, which are good for the body.

What are the differences between white meat and red meat?

Much attention must be paid to the kind of food we eat. In many cases, Shark Tank Diet Pill Dr Oz, and other weight loss pills can help in embracing a proper diet. After all, the kind of food we eat affects our health. When it comes to meat, it is imperative to understand the major differences between white and red meat. For this reason, this section will compare both types of meat, based on their color, protein source, nutritional differences, cooking methods, and saturated fats and cholesterol levels.


As mentioned earlier, red meat is red in its raw form and dark brown when cooked, thanks to the high amount of myoglobin. In contrast, white meat contains a light, pale color before and after cooking.

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Protein source

Sources of red meat include pigs, deer, and cows. However, sources of white meat are chicken, duck, and turkey.

Nutritional differences

White meat has a lower amount of iron and protein, as well as fewer calories than red meat.

Saturated fat and cholesterol content

Higher low-density lipoprotein (often regarded as bad cholesterol) is present in higher quantities in red meat than in white meat. When red meat is consumed in high quantities, it can result in different kinds of diseases. However, thanks to the lower amount of saturated fat, white meat has fewer adverse impacts.

Cooking methods

Red meat often dries out more slowly during cooking than white animal proteins. When it comes to cooking white meat, the best method involves maintaining moisture – by covering it with foil or basting. This helps in preserving the texture and flavor of the meat. On the other hand, cooking red meat involves heating at a high temperature.

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